Oversize Load Escorts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I list my business in more than one state?

You may list your business in the state your business is located.  If your membership includes a hyperlink to your site, the hyperlink will appear only on that state page.

If you serve more than one state, you may request a listing at the bottom of other state pages under "The following companies also serve this area".


What is the Comfirmed Date?

The Confirmed Date is the most recent date that a company confirmed the information in their listing. While we attempt to keep the directory current, when companies go out of business, letting us know is not always a priority.

When members report obsolete listings we make every effort to confirm the report and delete obsolete listings. Unfortunately, that does not catch every obsolete listing. The Confirmed Date is our way of letting users know which listings have our highest level of confidence in the accuracy of the information.

To update your listing, log into your account and click on EDIT COMPANY. Make any changes needed and click on CHANGE. If your information is current and you just want to bump up your Confirmed Date, just click CHANGE.


Why can't I see the bids of other companies?

There are many reasons why a load may be awarded to a pilot escort company and the bid amount may or may not be the deciding factor.  We encourage you to bid a price with which you are comfortable.  Your reputation and past experience with a carrier will often be more important than how low you bid.


Can I change my bid?

Yes, you may edit your bid as often as you wish.  You may enter comments with your bids and edit the comments also.


How do I get a hyperlink in my listing?

Links are exchanged with any member who displays our link graphic on the home page, or a page directly linked by the home page, of their site.


Must the carrier award the load to the lowest bidder?

No, the carrier may award the load to any bidder he chooses.  The carrier may award the load to any escort company he wishes, even if the escort company did not bid or is not a member of oversizeloadescorts.com.