Oversize Load Escorts (Beta)





Florida Department of Transportation
2740 Centerview Drive
Rhyne Bldg., Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Phone: (850) 410-5777, Fax (850) 421-5779
Office Hours: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time

For envelope vehicles associated with 


4 Tire Axles (Min. 10' between groupings) Blanket & Trip Permits, on 5 axles minimum outer bridge, 51', gross weight 112,000 Lbs; 1 axle-25,000 Lbs; 2 axle-50,000 Lbs; 3 axle-60,000 Lbs; 4+ axle-60,000 Lbs; TRIP ONLY: 6 axles-51' minimum outer bridge, gross weight 122,000 Lbs; 1 axle-25,000 Lbs; 2 axle-50,000 Lbs; 3 axle-66,000 Lbs; 4+ axle-69,000 Lbs; 7 axle maximum gross weight-137,000 Lbs; 8 axle-147,000 Lbs; 9 axle-178,000 Lbs; 10 axle-180,000 Lbs; 11 axle-182,000 Lbs; 12 axle-185,000 Lbs; Total maximum gross weight allowed-199,000 Lbs 1,000 Lbs. may be added to each additional foot of outer bridge up to 5,000 Lbs, minimum 13' 1" between groupings. For additional outer bridge configurations check with Florida Department of Transportation.


Applications must be submitted in writing with information to include axle spacing, weight and proposed route.


Flags shall be at least 12" x 12". They shall be displayed so as to wave freely on all four corners of over width loads and at the extreme ends of all protrusions, projections or overhangs.

Width Limitations up to 10' when the criteria of Rule 14-26.0051, FAC. are met trip or multi-trip permits shall be issued. Movement permitted all days, daytime hours only. Flags are required Over 10' up to 12'. When the criteria of Rule 14-26.001, FAC., are met, trip or multi-trip permits shall be issued. Movement permitted daytime hours only, excluding weekends and holidays.

Flags, warning sign and warning light are required. Warning lights require displays. All vehicles exceeding 10 in width or 146 in height shall have warning lights. Warning lights are to be mounted so as to be seen by approaching traffic at all distances between 500' and 50' under clear atmospheric conditions. Warning Signs are required displays. All vehicles or loads exceeding 10' in width, exceeding legal length, or exceeding legal overhang must display two warning signs. Void (holes) can be cut in warning signs for lights. Each warning sign shall consist of black letters 12" high with a brush stroke of not less than 1-1/2" wide on a yellow background. The sign shall state "OVERSIZE LOAD". Each warning sign shall have a total dimension of not less than 7' long by 18" high. One sign shall be at the front of the power unit and the other at the rear of the towed unit or at the rear of the load and shall not cover any lights or reflectors. Height pole must be 6" higher than the load being escorted.


Special requirements will be marked on your Florida permit under Special Restrictions and Provisions for time of movement A.M. and P.M. week days.


Width Limitations over 12' up to 14'.

When the criteria of Rule 14-26.0051 ,FAC are met trip or multi-trip permits shall be issued. Movement permitted daytime hours only, excluding weekends and holidays. Minimum one escort vehicle with qualified escort, required at all times. On roadway lanes less than 12' wide, bridges with less than 30' curb to curb, and in rural areas with traffic volume greater than 12,000 Average Daily Traffic (hereinafter ADT) per lane or in urbanized areas (more than 50,000 pop.) with ADT greater than 8,000 vehicles per lane, two qualified escorts are required except on loads with a minimum of four warning lights mounted two in front & two in the rear at each corner of the towed or hauled unit.

Over 14' up to 16' Movement permitted daytime hours only, excluding weekends and holidays. Two escort vehicles with qualified escorts are required at all times during the move, one in the front, and one in the rear.

Over 16' Law enforcement escort(s) shall be required for all moves.

Height Limitations

Up to 14' 6" Movement permitted all days, all hours. Over 14' 6" up to 16 Movement permitted daytime hours only excluding weekends and holidays. Warning light required front and rear of load. Escort vehicle traveling in front of the load with a vertical height indicator is required over 16' limited to 18' daytime hours only, restricted to local moves only. Movement of vehicles over 15' high will require an affidavit verifying the proposed route has clearance to accommodate the requested height plus six inches. Two qualified escorts are required; a minimum of one must be law enforcement.

Length limitations

Over 80' movement daytime hours only, excluding weekends and holidays.

Warning lights are required on the top of the vehicle and the rear of load. Escort vehicles required when length exceeds 95'.


Escort vehicle(s) must be a single unit vehicle weighing more than 2,000 pounds with a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating less than 15,000 Lbs., must be properly licensed, and must be operated by a qualified escort.

Signs or placards showing the name of the company or the owner or driver of the escort vehicle must be placed on both the right & left sides of the escort vehicle. The signs shall be at least 8" x 12" & shall contain the telephone number of the owner or driver.


Escort vehicles must be equipped with Class 2 amber warning lights that meet (Society of Automotive Engineers Recommended Practice) SAE J845 or SAE J1318. Copies of this document are available from the Department's Permit Office.


Escort vehicles shall display either a bumper mounted or a roof mounted yellow sign (or may display both) reading "OVERSIZE LOAD" with black letters with a minimum brush stroke of 10" high and 1-1/2" wide, front & rear.


Two flags, either red or fluorescent orange, at least 12" x 12" in size, shall be mounted at approx. a 40 to 70 degree angle on the escort vehicle's roof rack. SAFETY EQUIPMENT:

Operable two-way electronic communications.

Two 5 Lbs fire extinguishers.

"STOP" and "GO" or "STOP" and "SLOW" paddle (min. 18" in dia. with 6" high letters.)

Safety orange vest, shirt, or jacket.

One hand-held flag, red or fluorescent orange 12" x 12" in size.

Two oversized load banners (yellow w/black lettering) for use if the permitted vehicle or load loses its sign(s).

Hard hat.

Three reflective triangles or 18" traffic cones.

Height indicator, i.e. height pole.


Every driver escorting an over dimensional load permitted by the Florida department of Transportation (FOOT) must be one of the following:

1. a law enforcement officer having jurisdiction within the State of Florida traveling in an enforcement vehicle.

2. a person qualified by the State of Florida; meeting the following 3 requirements:

A. must have successfully completed the FOOT Pilot/Escort Flagging        qualification course offered by the Florida Technology Transfer Center, http://t2.ce.ufl.edu/  (352) 392-2371 ext. 298, trafficsafetv@ce.ufl.edu University of Florida, P.O. Box 116587, Gainesville, FL 32611-6587. Escort re-qualification will be required every four years in Florida.

B. must possess a valid Commercial Driver License class A, B, or C or have successfully completed the national Safety Council 8-hour Defensive Driving course

C. at least 18 years of age and possesses a valid driver's license  

3. A person qualified by another state's authorizing agency (must have proof of qualification; ex. Escort certification issued by another state). May 2002.

The Washington State Department of Transportation, per WAC 468-38-110, will accept, on a reciprocal basis, the valid qualification document(s) showing successful completion of Florida's Pilot/Escort Vehicle Qualification Course.

This acceptance means that a pilot/escort vehicle operator with the aforementioned Florida documentation may operate within the State of Washington, subject to the laws and rules of operation for Washington States.

A 4 hour refresher course is available to Escort Certificate holders as of September 2004.


"Excluding Weekends and Holidays" means movement on Saturday and Sunday is limited to the period of time beginning one-half hour before sunrise and ending at 12:00 noon. Travel is prohibited all day on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. When any of these holidays are observed on a day other than the calendar date of that holiday, the observed dates shall be recognized as a holiday for the purposes of this requirement. Further, when additional days are observed around the calendar date of the holiday, such as the day before and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day, the additional observed date(s) shall be recognized as a holiday for the purposes of this requirement.

Weekend travel for overweight Vehicles only. Curfews on load restrictions will be on permit when issued.

Movements on Weekends and Holidays

Unless otherwise noted on the permit, movements are prohibited on weekends and holidays. At the request of a government entity, when the criteria of RuI14-26.0051 F.A.C. are met, movement shall be allowed all days, all hours. MOBCON, Dept. of Army's Mobilization movement control coordinator for all military movements.

hSunrise Sunset for Tallahassee, Florida

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Over Size Load Escorts
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