Oversize Load Escorts (Beta)






Montana Department of Highways
Motor Carrier Services Division
Box 4639, Helena, MT 59602-4639
Phone: (406) 444-7262 for permits; (406) 444-6130;
Fax: (406) 444-7670-0800
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time - Mon. - Fri.

Montana is a member of the “WASHTO” Agreement.
See WASHTO AGREEMENT for details.



 Weight: Single-20,000 Lbs, Tandem-48,000 Lbs, Tridum-51,750 Lbs, Quad -55,440 Lbs, all weights depend on axle spacing. Gross Weight: 5 Axles - 107,000 Lbs; 6 Axles - 110,000 Lbs; 7 Axles - 114,200 Lbs; 8 Axles - 126,000 Lbs. Length: Over 120" long will require special assessment. No maximum length on a one-piece load.

Width: 18'

Height: 17'.

If load exceeds any of these dimensions or weights, refer to the State on Super Loads. Class 1 & Class 2 permits & approval on a 32-J application may take a minimum of 72 hours & up to a week to 10 days.



All loads over 10' wide require “Oversize Load” signs mounted at any visible height front and rear and should be light in color with 8" letters. Two-way radio communication is required. Flashing amber lights, a minimum or 5" in dia., shall be mounted at each end of the wide load sign. A revolving light or strobe light may be substituted for flashing lights. Flag vehicles are required front and rear if a load exceeding 10' wide is not equipped with lights/signs.



INTERSTATE: One (1) flag vehicle is required in the rear, if the load exceeds 161/2' wide and/or 120' long. This includes implement of husbandry or a vehicle used for hauling hay.

NON-INSTERSTATE HIGHWAYS: One (1) flag vehicle is required at the front when the vehicle or load exceeds 12 1/2 feet wide. Vehicles or loads not exceeding 16 1/2' wide are not required to have a rear flag vehicle provided they are equipped with "Oversize Load" signs, displayed front and rear, and two (2) amber 5" flashing lights or one (1) revolving or strobe light is mounted on the power unit. One (1) flag vehicle is required front and rear if the vehicle or load exceeds 16 1/2 feet wide. One (1) flag vehicle is required rear if the length exceeds 110 feet.



A flag vehicle may be any passenger car or pickup truck, a minimum of 60” wide. The maximum manufacturer's rating for the flag vehicle shall not exceed 2 ton. A flag vehicle may not exceed legal limits of size and weight. The flag vehicle(s) shall remain between 500 and 1,000 feet of the load when Escorting. A flag vehicle may pull a trailer or carry any items or equipment or load in or on the flag vehicle which does not exceed legal limits of size and weight, and does not obstruct the view of the flashing Lights or signs used by the flag vehicle. A sign with the words "Oversize Load" or similar wording shall be visible from the front and rear of the vehicle at all times when piloting an oversize load. Letters shall not be less than 8 inches in height, and shall be dark in color on a Light colored background. Flag vehicles shall be equipped with a minimum of one (1) flashing or rotating beacon Light mounted above the cab or roof of the vehicle. All flag vehicles shall be equipped with two way radio communication.



Travel is permitted during daylight hours only 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day. Travel is not allowed when adverse conditions make traveling hazardous, such as ice, sleet, fog, mist, rain, dust, smoke, or maintenance and construction. No travel

Saturday, Sunday, or Monday if a holiday is on a Sunday or Monday. Holidays are: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Vehicles with load 10' wide or 100' long without overhang or 75' long with overhang or 14'6" high may travel continuously on interstate highways only. Before you enter the State of Montana you must have a permit in hand or subject to a citation. For other travel restrictions on width and movement day and night call 406-444-7262 to obtain a red route restrictions travel map at one of the scales listed below.

Armington Jct. 667-738-4262
Billings EB 637-657-0204
Billings WB 637-657-0203
Billings Inspection Facility 637-657-0202
Bozeman 613-587-0727
Broadus 630-436-2531
Butte 644/645-782-8985
Clearwater 607-244-5460
Alberta 619-344-5063
Coutts 403-344-5063
Crow Agency 625-638-2210
Culbertson 623-787-5323
Drummond 647/648-288-3241
Frannie 668/307-664-2204
Haugan 665-678-4257 or 4258;
Havre 618-265-9033
Kalispell 605-257-2684
Lima 612-276-3429
Wibaux 635/636-795-2203

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Over Size Load Escorts
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