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Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
Size, Weight and Permit Div
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3600 North King Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0415
Phone: 877-425-2390; Fax: 405-424-0943
Administration: 1-405-425-2206
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Oklahoma is part of the “WASHTO” Agreement.
See “WASHTO” AGREEMENT for details.



Weight: Single - 20,000 Lbs; Steering Axle -15,000 Lbs; Tandem - 40,000 Lbs; Tridum - 60,000 Lbs; Quad - 65,000 Lbs. Gross Weight: 5 Axles - 95,000 Lbs (Steering, tandem, Tridum); 6 Axles -115,000 Lbs (Steering, tandem, Tridum); 7 Axles -135,000 Lbs (Steering, Tridum, Tridum); 8 Axles - 150,000 Lbs (Steering, tandem, tandem, Tridum). These are only guidelines.

Length: No maximum

Width: 16' interstate system, 16' manufactured housing

Height: 21 ' on certain routes. Maximum weight up to 202,000 Lbs on 13 Axles. Overweight load route review, bridge division, min. 5 working days prior to movement. Oklahoma does not characterize loads as super loads.



The "Oversize Load" signs shall not be displayed on a vehicle that is of legal dimensions. Regulation "Oversize Load" signs must meet the following requirements: A yellow background with black lettering. 7' long and 18" high. The letters must be 10" high using a 1 1/2" wide brush stroke. The sign mounted on the load must be as high as practicable from ground level. For manufactured homes, the sign must be no lower than 5' from ground level. The sign must be made of a durable material. Each flag must be a solid red or fluorescent orange, 12" by 12". Flags shall be placed at the 4 corners of the vehicle or load and on the extremities of the vehicle or load. Front: 2 flags required to each front corner or extremity of the vehicle or load. Rear: Overwidth. 2 flags required each rear corner or extremity of the vehicle or load. Overlength 1 flag required if the width of the load projection is 2' or less. 2 flags required if the width of the load projection is more than 2'. A flag shall be fastened to mark any extremity of size which is wider than the front or rear of the vehicle or load, whichever is wider. When the load exceeds 4' beyond the rear of the vehicle, it must be marked with red flags.



Loads exceeding 12' and up to 14' in width, a front Escort vehicle on two-lane, one rear on all multi-lane highways. Load exceeding 14' in width, two Escort vehicles, one front and one rear on two-lane, a rear Escort is required on all multi-lane highways. All loads exceeding 15'9" or more in width, two Escorts one front and one rear on all roads. When overall height is 17" or more, front Escort with height pole and a rear Escort to follow. Truck/tractor trailer combinations exceeding 80', require one Escort on two-lane roads. Overall length exceeding 80' in combinations other than a truck-tractor/semi-trailer require one front Escort on two-lane roads. If overall length exceeds 100' a front and rear Escort is required. If overall length is 100' or more in combinations other than truck-tractor/semi-trailer Escorts front and rear are required.


Effective September 24, 2009, the following rule shall be implemented regarding requirements for vehicles and loads EXCEEDING 14 feet 6 inches in height. Every vehicle and or load EXCEEDING 14 feet 6 inches in height shall be accompanied by two escorts. One traveling in front of such load with a height pole of the same height and one following the overheight vehicle.

This is a change from requiring a height pole for vehicles and loads 15 feet 9 inches or more which did not require escorts. his emergency rule was requested, then approved by the Governor's Office during mid September 2009. The need and justification for this rule is due to the extreme amount of damage to overhead structures in the State of Oklahoma during recent years and the potential for personal injury.

Like any new rule or law, we may need to explain the reason for it to our customers. We realize this creates an additional burden on companies moving such loads. Hopefully this will save thousands of dollars in damages as well as remove some of the potential for personal injury and or death. It will take some time to educate the Industry.

Please honor all related permits issued prior to September 24, 2009 with trip dates after this effective date. It is impossible to recall all permits recently issued that required a 15' 9" height pole.

This rule will not effect the operation of an Auto Transporter which are allowed a height of 14 feet 6 inches. (Title 47, 14-103B)

If you have any questions contact the Director or a Supervisor in the Size and Weights Permit Division.

Changes reflecting this new rule will be made to our Web Site and to our Permit Restriction and Conditions list in the near future.

Larry Punneo
Director of Size & Weight Permits
2401 N.W. 23rd Street, Suite 45
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Office: (405) 522-9001
Fax: (405) 522-9006
Cell: (405) 618-2370



595:30·3·17 every person who drives an escort vehicle for hire to escort oversize/overweight permitted vehicle or loads in the state of Oklahoma must be certified by the Department of Public Safety. Each escort vehicle operator who operates in interstate commerce shall maintain a valid insurance policy issued by a surety or an insurance company currently authorized to issue policies of insurance covering risks in the State of Oklahoma. The insurance policy shall protect the public against loss of life, bodily injury to persons, and damage to property, and shall provide not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) combined single limit coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage as a result of the operation of the escort vehicle, the escorted vehicle, or both causing the bodily injury and/or property damage. This subsection shall not apply to any operator who operates only in intrastate commerce or in interstate commerce into or through states which do not have escort vehicle certification requirements for the type of vehicle and/or load being escorted and who applies for and is granted intrastate/noncertified state certification as provided for in OAC 595:30-3-17.1 (c)(3). No application for certification need be made if the driver of the escort vehicle for hire is a resident of a state other than Oklahoma which is reciprocal agreement recognizing escort vehicle operator certifications issued by that state (47 OS. 14-120.1 (e)) and is in possession of a current escort vehicle operator certification issued by that state. However, an escort vehicle operator who is an Oklahoma resident must have an Oklahoma certification. Operators who operate only in intrastate commerce or in interstate commerce into or through states which do not have escort vehicle certification requirements for the type of vehicle and/or load being escorted may apply for an intrastate/non-certified state certification. Such certification shall be exempt from the insurance requirements of OAC 595:30-3-17 (f) Course and examination. The course will be taught by the Oklahoma State University, (405) 744-9905. The term of the certification shall be for a maximum period of five (5) years and shall expire automatically five (5) years after the date of issuance.



Escort vehicle shall be a pickup truck not less than quarter ton rated load capacity, or an automobile not less than 2,000 Lbs and must be properly license under the statues of the state of Oklahoma (47-0.S. 1101). However, Escort vehicles that are properly licensed in any state other than Oklahoma may provide Escort service interstate. If commercially licensed, an Escort for a intrastate move must obtain a temporary permit or license from the Oklahoma Tax Commission Motor Vehicle Registration Division. "OVERSIZE LOAD" Signs shall be placed at an appropriate location on the vehicle as determined by load being Escorted and the location of the Escort. The sign must measure 5' x l' with 10" high 1 1/2" wide black brush strokes on yellow background. Red flags, at least 12" square, must be attached to standards angled upward to the left and right at 45 degrees and mounted on the cab and to upright standards on the rear comes at each side of the vehicle. No flags shall be displayed unless the escort vehicle is actually engaged in escorting. Escort vehicles headlamps must be lighted during movement. All Escort vehicles must carry a 10 pound BC dry or 2 - 5 pound chemical fire extinguisher, 4 -15 minute flares and 2 red hand-held flags or four portable triangle reflector units in the vehicle at all times. Escort and towing vehicles shall be equipped with two-way radios transmitting over a min. distance of 1/2 mile. Escort vehicles must be equipped with a rotating or flashing amber beacon or flashing amber light bar system mounted on the top and be of sufficient intensity when illuminated to be visible from 500' in normal sunlight. Beacon shall be at least 10" in diameter and 8" in height. Blue or white rotating lights are not authorized under Oklahoma statutes. When the Escorted load is exceeding 15' 9" the Escort vehicle shall have a measuring pole. A standard 18" "STOP" and "SLOW" paddle sign. A hard hat and a jacket or vest, both in safety orange color, for each person who may be assigned to traffic control. A flashlight powered by at least 2 D cell batteries. A full-size spare tire for the escort vehicle, tire jack and lug wrench. Escort vehicle must have the name and city of the company and/or owner of the Escort vehicle on each side of the vehicle.


Daylight hours means one-half hour before Sunrise to one-half hour after Sunset 7 days a week. No movement is allowed on a legal holiday or on a legal holiday of the State of Oklahoma subject to the exceptions provided for by the rules promulgated by the Commissioner of Public Safety. Specified legal holidays are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day following Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Permit loads may move on other holidays if the permit is purchased prior to the holiday. CURFEW: Movement of oversize permit loads is not allowed on the interstate System, Oklahoma, Tulsa & Cleveland counties from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, and from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday, except Saturday & Sunday.




Turnpikes                                Max. Height                      Cash Max. Width                              Pike Pass Max. Width

Turner                                     14'·6"                                       10'·0"                                       12'·0"

Will Rogers                              14'·11"                                     10'·0"                                       12'·0"

H.E. Bailey                               15'·6"                                       12'·0"                                       12'-0"

Indian Nation                            15'-6"                                       12'·0"                                       12'·0"

Muskogee                                15'·6"                                       12'·0"                                       12'·0"

Cimarron                                  15'-6"                                       12'·0"                                       12'-0"

John Kilpatrick                         15'·6"                                       10'·0"                                       12'·0"

Creek                                       16'-6"                                       10'·0"                                       12'·0"

Cherokee                                 16'·0"                                       10'·0"                                       14'·0"

Chickasaw                              16'·0"                                       10'·0"                                       12'·0"

These heights and widths may be lowered at various construction projects.

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Over Size Load Escorts
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