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Welcome to Oversize Load Escorts

Oversize Load Escorts was founded by licensed, professional drivers. 

Everett Cranmer, Jr., the son of a mechanic , started in the trucking business in 1967. Over the decades he built a successful OTR and heavy haul business. Everett sold that business then owned and operated CCI Pilot Escort Service in Stratton, CO until his retirement. 

Everett Cranmer III was a professional truck driver for the State of Colorado. 

Patrick Coyne, now a professional web programmer,  is a former OTR driver who has covered all of the lower 48 and most of Canada.

The Oversize Load Escorts Directory is the most comprehensive list of Pilot Car companies online.  (3,188 and growing)
A search for "oversize load escort" on search engines covering 95% of all web searches will return OSLE in first position. If you advertise online in the pilot escort industry, OSLE will give you the most bang for your buck.

Speaking of bang for your buck, you can’t get more bang than FREE. If you are the owner of a Pilot Car company, just register and add your company to the directory.  If your company is already listed, let us know and we'll give you editing privileges for your company's listing.   You must be logged in to add or edit your company information.   Registering and listing your company in the directory is completely free.  There are no hidden fees or obligations to use the directory.

If you are a carrier, you can post your loads on the Load Board. Escorts will bid for your business. You can review the bids, review the escort companies, communicate with the bidders and pick the escort that best meets your needs. You can review and edit your load information from any device with online access.

To prevent the carrier from being flooded with phone calls and faxes every time a load is posted, your contact information will not be visible on the load board. Pilots who wish to bid on your load will have to do so on the load board. Once you select an escort you can then reveal your company information.

Load Board is the only online job auction for oversize load carriers and escorts.
  • carriers can post, manage and review their own loads on the board.
  • Escorts can view the loads, bid and rebid on those loads that fit their company and schedule. 
  • Escorts can avoid or reduce deadhead runs by bidding on loads that are coming back along a similar route.  Escorts can view and bid on loads from any device with internet access.
  • For a fee, escorts can receive email notification of loads that have been newly listed in the Load Board and originate or terminate in states they are monitoring.
  • A demo version of the Load Board is available. You must be registered and logged in to use the live posting and bidding features.

Our goal is to be the best at what we do so we encourage you to contact us with any ideas about how we can make this site more useful to you. 

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