Oversize Load Escorts

What is an Oversize Load?

An oversize (overdimensional) load is a truck and/or load that exceeds legal limits for weight, height and/or width.

What is an Oversize Load Pilot Escort Car?

An escort vehicle, or pilot vehicle, is an automobile used to escort overdimensional trucks or loads. In most cases, pilot vehicles are provided by companies that specialize in escort services, although escort duties are sometimes performed by police vehicles (i.e. for shipments that require a high level of security during transit).

Pilot/Escort vehicles are Public Safety Vehicles, a warning device to alert the public of a potential danger.

Usual Equipment

* 2-way Radio to communicate with the truck driver and other escort vehicles
* A long pole (High-Pole) that extends upward from the front bumper
* A sign displaying "Oversize Load"
* Safety Flags
* Amber safety lights that can be seen 360° from at least 500 feet
* Fire Extinguisher
* First Aid Kit
* Stop/Slow Paddles

Usual Duties (USA and Canada)

On a two lane road using one escort, the escort takes a position in front of the load.
On a four+ lane road, the escort follows behind the load.

Depending on the size of the load, more escorts may be required, usually one in the front and one in the rear.
For overwidth or overheight trucks, one escort vehicle will drive one half to 1 mile ahead of the load to ensure the road can accommodate the truck's dimensions. This lead vehicle is usually equipped with the High Pole, its length adjusted six to eight inches above the height of the load. If the pole strikes any overhanging objects such as bridges, overhead signs, or power lines, the truck or convoy can be alerted and stopped or diverted long before an accident occurs.

Usual Hours of Operation (USA and Canada)

Overdimensional loads may operate from 30 minutes prior to sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.